Ted Cruz yuks it up with Jimmy Fallon, poking at Trump and a bit at himself

Source: Dallas Morning News | April 14, 2016 | Todd J. Gillman

NEW YORK – Playing straight man to Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon, Sen. Ted Cruz served up some deadpan humor Thursday night aimed at skewering rival Donald Trump and showing his own smoother side.

In a skit that earned plenty of laughter inside the 30 Rock studio, Fallon played Trump, replete with orange-tinged wig, dark suit and red tie, a scowling photo of the billionaire himself over his shoulder. He calls Cruz during a Democratic debate, hoping to share a few laughs at Hillary Clinton’s expense.

“Congratulations. You’ve just been called by Donald Trump,” he says.

“Well, hello, Donald. What a pleasant surprise,” responds Cruz, his tone indicating it’s anything but pleasant. He concedes that rather than the debate, “I’m watching The Princess Bride, for the 843rd time.”

“Inconceivable!” Fallon’s Trump replies, completing the banter over the Texas senator’s favorite movie.

On set, they were about 10 feet apart. Cruz never broke character or glanced off camera. The senator maintained a demeanor of annoyance throughout the five-minute sketch – reflecting his theatrical bent, genuine disdain for his rival, or some combination of those.


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