Ted Cruz’s father elected delegate to the Republican National Convention

Source: Dallas Morning News | May 14, 2016 | Gromer Jeffers Jr.

Just once more, Rafael Cruz wants to vote for his son as the Republican nominee for president.

The Carrollton preacher is set to be one of 155 Texas delegates to this summer’s Republican National Convention in Cleveland.

Cruz is on the list of at-large delegates voted on by the National Nominations Committee. That committee selects at-large delegates that will be rubber stamped Saturday by delegates at the Texas GOP convention in Dallas.


I’m told Rafael Cruz was steadfast at the National Nominations Committee, telling members that he intended to vote for his son. So it’s likely that he will become pledged to his son on the first ballot in Cleveland.


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    This will get Trump’s minions into an uproar. They will need massive doses of Prozac and a safe place. LOL

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