Ted Cruz’s full appearance on CNBC’s Squawk Box puts Donald Trump TO SHAME!

Source: The Right Scoop | April 15, 2016 | The Right Scoop

I know this is 46 minutes long, but you’ve got to watch at least part of it. It’s absolutely fantastic! You’ll walk away from this seeing that Ted Cruz completely understands economic policy and job growth in ways that Donald Trump never will.

In fact, there is no way in hades that Donald Trump could ever do an interview like this. Not on your life! The more I watch this interview, the more I realize just how much of an empty suit Trump is on anything related to the presidency.


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    For the astute that was the most amazing interview ever, even the politically ignorant could understand much of it, doesn’t get any better, I could not help thinking if in the debates they had 15 minutes to answer each question Cruz could explain everything, the other candidates would be out ideas and words in two or three minutes and just keep repeating themselves, in such a scenario Cruz would have had 1237 long ago.

    I don’t think Trump could have answered any of those questions other than to repeatedly say China, Japan and Mexico are killing us economically. Cruz showed he is as adept at business and finance as any one of those pundits in fact they seemed more like Ted’s students, they were amazed at his depth of knowledge on economic issues. I am sure they will privately tell others that was the best interview they have ever had with anybody and they have had many financial high flyers.

    This was the best I’ve ever seen Ted because he had the time to elaborate on his positions, good on CNBC they asked very tough questions and Ted gave them excellent and often tough answers no pandering. He had that panel eating out of his hand they quickly learned not to doubt him. I could watch several more hours of that, I was sitting on the edge of my chair throughout… JUST WOW!

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