Ted Cruz’s Hollywood Values (campaign ads)

Source: National Review | February 22, 2016 | Brendan Bordelon
Ted Cruz styles himself as the presidential candidate for America’s heartland. But when it comes to his campaign ads, the Texas senator draws heavily on Hollywood values.
Or maybe that’s not quite right. “Hollywood production values, not Hollywood values!” says Owen Brennan, an executive at L.A.-based ad firm Madison McQueen who has helped craft Cruz’s cutting-edge media campaign.

Of all the presidential candidates this cycle, none have released ads inspiring more praise — and more pearl-clutching — than Ted Cruz. From the SNL-inspired “Cruz Christmas Classics,” to the silver-screen melodrama of “Invasion,” to the Office Space parody “It Feels Good to Be a Clinton,” many of the Cruz campaign’s TV spots bring a measure of creativity rarely seen in presidential politics, especially on the Republican side. In close collaboration with a more traditional ad campaign, the unconventional commercials have driven tremendous media buzz and helped the campaign reach GOP voters more effectively than its rivals. In a campaign cycle dominated by Donald Trump’s unending provocations, their ability to arouse the general public’s interest is impressive. Their effectiveness is driven, in no small part, by Cruz’s unusual willingness to play along with his Hollywood handlers.
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The most playful ads are the brainchildren of Brennan and two colleagues, Bob Perkins and Justin Folk — “the MadMac guys,” as they’re referred to within the campaign. A veteran of Rudy Giuliani’s mayoral administration and presidential campaign, Brennan has a long history in GOP politics. Perkins and Folk both boast Hollywood pedigrees, having cut their teeth on big-budget blockbusters such as The Matrix and The Incredible Hulk.

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    Yes, very good use of the media. I thought it was interesting that before Cruz’s ground game took off in Iowa, there were several articles on Politico that were talking about how well Cruz was running his campaign, like none anybody has seen in YEARS! He is a smart guy! So glad he’s on our side!

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