Ted Wins!

Source: PJ Media | February 1, 2016 | Michael van der Galien

It was an exciting race, but the results are in: Ted Cruz has won the Iowa caucuses.

The senator from Texas was my favorite going in, but the talking heads in the media and the pollsters didn’t agree. According to them, Iowa was Donald Trump’s for the taking.

Well, not quite so. He lost big tonight. Early in the evening people thought it could be too close to call, but that was absolutely not the case. Cruz led from the get-go and stayed on top all throughout the night.

What this means is simple: Cruz has rallied Iowa conservatives behind him, and we can expect conservatives, supporters of the Tea Party, and evangelicals to flock to him even more. Especially now that The Donald has suffered a humiliating blow.

Speaking of Trump, he will now have to win New Hampshire. If he does not, his game is up and he’ll fade away.

According to Fox News, Marco Rubio is “the big winner,” but that’s nonsense. He finished third. Third. He did better than many thought (I actually predicted he and Trump would almost be too close to call, but I gave it to Rubio beforehand because he had momentum), but a bronze medal is never gold. It’s now up to him to compete in New Hampshire by rallying the moderate and establishment vote around his campaign. If he does, he may come very close in the Granite State which would make him a real competitor.

But it’s not even clear that this scenario will happen……..

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