Tell every @GOP delegate to fight now — while they still have the chance.

Source: Steve Deace's Facebook | June 4, 2016 | Steve Deace

Memo to GOP delegates: When you pledge to support someone, but before you follow through on that pledge they have altered who they are or been exposed for what they really are, you are under no ethical obligation to follow through on your pledge.

For example, a woman who becomes engaged (pledged) to marry a man is under no ethical obligation to follow through if she finds out prior to the consummation he is a woman-beater or an unfaithful ingrate. In the Bible, Joseph was well within his rights to cancel his pledge to marry Mary when it was revealed she was pregnant out of wedlock. And he would have had not the Holy Spirit revealed to Joseph that Mary was not unfaithful, but rather chosen to be the faithful vessel of God’s Son.

The only obligation you as delegates have morally, legally, and ethically is the peer pressure you’ll be under to conform to a system that has betrayed you repeatedly. But that’s up to you to submit to or not. If you choose to submit to it, then you have chosen to put your values at the mercy of an untrustworthy figure such as Trump rather then take control of your own destiny when given the chance.

Almost all of the same people telling you right now you have no choice are the same people who have betrayed you, lied to you, or sold you out in the past. It would be foolish to trust them again, would it not? Fast forward to November 9th or four years from now. Don’t you want to be able to say that at the very least you did everything you could to stop what we all know is likely coming? Why would you want to live with the regret when you don’t have to?

Many of you that are delegates this go-around may never have another chance to punch back at this corrupt system that leads to the media picking your nominees ever again. So swing away. And don’t be intimidated by any empty threats. For instance, they’ll threaten the people in my home state with Iowa’s first in the nation status. Let them, for it’s unlikely there’s ever gonna be another Iowa Caucus anyway. Besides, the same people telling us we have to vote for a con man like Trump now because we can’t afford four years of Hillary, are now telling you not to fight in the moment because of something four years down the road? They can’t have it both ways.

They’re hypocrites and cowards, regardless of what titles they carry, so treat them accordingly. Fight now, while you have the chance.

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    Let’s get behind this in prayer. I have heard MANY people say that if Trump loses at the convention there’ll be hell to pay. Well, I say this…there will be anyway. There is no good way out of this mess and since this IS a republic, we have the God-given opportunity to act like it is one. Sometimes a few have to make the hard decisions that the masses are unable to. So, I am praying that the delegates are not influenced by pressure to vote against their consciences but to stand tall and vote like real conservatives would. No real conservative would get behind such a man as this (Trump) and have a clear conscience later on. I am not interested in the sob stories later, that they should’ve voted for Cruz, but felt that Trump earned the nomination. He has earned nothing. He has gotten everything because he has a stacked deck in his favor. He’s no giant-slayer. He is ungodly and ruthless. He has no conscience, nor does he seem to have even half a brain.

    Dear Lord, God, save us from this man!

    Pray for righteousness to be restored and for the peace of Jerusalem

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