The actual Delegate Count, in a full breakdown

Source: RedState | April 16, 2016 | Michael Harrington

No Brokered, and a guaranteed Ted Cruz win in a Contested Convention

There is a lot of talk about the real delegate counts after a few different sources published various counts, there is also a lot of people wondering about how many delegates are pledged in what I call “The Heart” for various candidates. Finally some of the Trump team are already trying to talk about how Ted Cruz is supposedly locked out numerically and are trying to use this to end the election (lol). I debunk myths, show figures, and break it down for you here.


Real Numbers: Cruz 696 Delegates to Trumps 765 Delegates.


I also declare at this point a 99 percent chance of a Ted Cruz victory in a Contested Convention. This includes a 75 percent chance of winning on the second ticket. I also predict an 85 percent chance of a Contested Convention happening, which means at this point I am predicting in very strong Terms that Ted Cruz is the nominee.

Repeating, Ted Cruz has essentially won the nomination at this point, it would be great if the remaining States made it happen for first ticket in a sign of solidarity.


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    Wow talk about closing the gap, a 69 point difference the last I heard it was about a 200+ difference no wonder Trump and his panzees are going insane.

    Cruz has consistently been saying we will go to a convention “where I will have a ton of delegates and Trump will have a ton”. The way I see it after the 1st vote they both will still have a ton of delegates and after the 2d vote Cruz will tons of votes and Trump well Not So Much!

    Cruz is going to win this, if you want to see how it ends watch any Rocky movie.

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