'The campaign was never built for this':Turmoil is roiling Donald Trump's camp..

Source: Business Insider | April 19, 2016 | Pamela Engel

‘The campaign was never built for this’: Turmoil is roiling Donald Trump’s campaign at a critical time


Over the past week, Trump advisers have reportedly started building a parallel campaign structure that gives more power to new delegate strategist Paul Manafort and adviser Rick Wiley while marginalizing campaign manager Corey Lewandowski, according to Politico.

The shift in the campaign’s power structure comes amid waning certainty that Trump will lock down the nomination before the Republican convention this summer. Trump faces fierce competition from Cruz, a Texas senator, who has proven that his campaign is superiorly organized at this point.

Cruz has been focusing on winning the support of delegates who could tilt the balance in his favor at a contested convention. Trump’s campaign, meanwhile, has been criticized for a supposed lack of structure and organization.

A source familiar with the campaign told Business Insider that Trump has been running a communications-based campaign from the beginning. The unprecedented strategy gave him breathtaking amounts of free air time. But it has proved to be ineffective in the in-the-trenches battle for delegates.

“The problem was set by Donald himself,” the source familiar with Trump’s campaign operation told Business Insider.

His campaign strategy “consisted of him going out to these states and doing mega speeches with big turnout and the networks covering these speeches wall-to-wall, plus debates, plus as many interviews as he could smash into one day,” the source added.

But a campaign that’s built for maximum effect on TV might not be well suited to an in-the-trenches delegate battle at a contested convention, the source said.


One operative familiar with the campaign told Politico: “There are two campaigns being run in Trump world. And nothing is happening because no one is sure who they’re supposed to be listening to.”


Nunberg, meanwhile, said that Manafort “inherited a bad situation.”

“The Titanic isn’t sinking,” Nunberg said. “The Titanic has sunk. And even somebody of Paul’s great ability won’t be able to solve this problem.”


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