The Circle: Most conservative movie of 2017

Source: Conservative Review | May 1, 2017 | Steve Deace

Make no mistake: “The Circle” is not a great movie by any means.

However, it is a movie I would highly recommend that every American see. Although we’re not even halfway through 2017, it’s hard to believe Hollywood will release a more conservative movie this year.

I have not seen a contemporary film that does a better job of deconstructing the fake utopian schemes of progressivism. I only doubt whether that was the movie’s actual purpose … or the filmmakers couldn’t help but subconsciously go there, given the subject matter.



In other words, while progressing technologically, we are regressing socially and relationally. For no technology can fill the God-shaped void in all our hearts. A virtual world cannot be a substitute for the fulfillment found in loving our neighbor as we love ourselves here, in the real world.

Like the better (and more brutally) made “Get Out” released earlier this year, “The Circle” turns progressivism on itself. The film’s ultimate conclusion is that the accoutrements of progressivism — material success, intellectual enlightenment, technological advancement, and utilitarian ethics — ultimately cannot satisfy the existential longing each of us has. In fact, believing otherwise leads to tyranny, as the very people progressivism claims to help the most always become its foremost victims.

Now, “The Circle,” and director James Ponsoldt, don’t point the audience to the alternative — but that’s where we come in.


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