The Conservative Dunkirk

Source: Conservative Review | May 9, 2016 | Steve Deace


In short, we are beaten, and we won’t win again until we admit it.

What we need now are Churchillesque leaders who are visionary instead of reactionary, and willing to defy binary choices that each lead us to the same destination: defeat. Yes, American Exceptionalism stands at an existential breaking point in 2016, just as the Allies faced one at Dunkirk more than 75 years ago. But if we succumb to the binary choice fallacy then this will become the existential breaking point, just as it would’ve for the Allies that spring in France.

We need to learn from Dunkirk. We have neither the manpower nor the resources to make our grand stand here. Fighting with Donald Trump as your standard-bearer – win or lose – is defeat just the same. If we fight with him and he loses, so does conservatism, just as conservatism will lose if we fight with Trump and he wins. One could probably make the calculation Trump isn’t as bad as Hillary Clinton, but considering how much bad he will still do (and is) this argument devolves from the lesser of two evils to the evils of two lessers. See that as a fool’s errand.

On the other hand, surrendering to Hillary Clinton and the Democrats isn’t an option, either. We still have some good candidates/causes down ballot which don’t deserve to be collateral damage from our generation’s Valley Forge. Not to mention vast pockets of the country seem willing to at least entertain a rightward course correction. Provided we have the right message/messengers to offer it one.

Therefore, it’s time for the few real leaders conservatism has to call for a Dunkirk on 2016. We will still fight the smaller skirmishes when we can, but we must evacuate our forces from the main battlefront in order to replenish and refortify for later. Lest we risk an outcome we never recover from. Then, once we have regrouped with the right plan and generals, perhaps as soon as four years from now, we will be prepared to launch a D-Day style, multiple-front assault on progressivism.

But only – and when I say only I mean “only” – if we don’t waste anymore manpower and machinery fighting a lost cause with our backs up against the shoreline. All conservatives who wish to be a part of any victorious future – politicians, pundits, operatives, donors, and everyday people alike – need to head for the boats and get out now while they still can. No one need die a senseless death at Dunkirk when evacuation is at hand.

Everything we feared losing in this election – including the courts – was already lost anyway if we’re willing to be honest with ourselves. And if at this, the lowest moment in modern conservatism’s history, we still can’t be honest with ourselves, then conservatism is truly lost to history. Better to start doom prepping in that case.

Nobody wants to see our countrymen plunged into darkness, but we’re of no use to anybody if we’re dead in the water and our future credibility is shot. One of the main reasons we find ourselves in this position is we’ve been out-planned, out-maneuvered, and out-strategized by our adversaries.

Those who have not learned from history are doomed to repeat it.


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    Based on numerous polls of Trump’s high negatives among likely voters, I think Hillary will win. Plus, the more Trump talks, the higher his negatives will get. Every day there is another bomb from him. Hillary said he is a loose cannon and that is true – however, he is a loose nuclear bomb.

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