The Libertarian Moment Lives With Ted Cruz

Source: Liberty Conservatives | February 7, 2016 | Remso W. Martinez

Rand Paul is out, so what does this mean for the realistic future of 2016? It means what I’ve been saying for a  while, Senator Ted Cruz will take his campaign all the way. There is now pretending that Ted Cruz is a libertarian, he is as conservative as they come, in the traditional sense.

The difference between Cruz and Paul though is this; Cruz never pretended to be something he wasn’t, he has much adoration for libertarians, and has stated time and time again that when certain challenges come about, there is a need for a coalition. Senator Rand Paul on the other had was different, Paul over and over again denounced being a libertarian when it was unpopular to appear as when, and then whenever he needed a boost in support, he would toss around the word “libertarian” out of style. To simplify it, Ted Cruz is the friend that accepts you for who you are, while Rand Paul was the friend that would ignore you except when you were needed to advance his agenda.

As the race for the White House continues, Ted Cruz is now the only Republican left who can maintain the Reagan Coalition he has been fighting to piece together. While there are enough reasons libertarians would consider Cruz as a viable option, a honest assessment of Cruz from a libertarian lens has almost always been dismissed. Now is the time however to reconsider. I’ve stated in the past why I think Cruz will be the most libertarian-leaning president since Coolidge, but what are others saying?


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    The opportunity to keep the Liberty Movement within the GOP is still alive thanks to Cruz, the last “Yahoo for Uncle Milton” on stage who can break the Washington Cartel.

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    From the moment Cruz announced, a lot of Ron Paul supporters said they would go with him. When Rand Paul announced, it never took on. I think that those who’d already gone with Cruz saw in him what they liked well enough and they decided to hold on with Cruz.

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