The Man That Ted Cruz Upset in 2012 Just Made this Powerful Admission About Him

Source: Politistick | February 29, 2016 | Jennifer Burke

In 2012, Ted Cruz, former Solicitor General of Texas, pulled a huge upset in the Lone Star State to represent the State of Texas in the Senate following the retirement of long-time Republican Senator Kay Bailey Hutchinson.

Against all odds, Cruz beat sitting Lieutenant Governor David Dewhurst, a man worth $200 million who not only pumped money into his own campaign but also had the backing of the establishment in Texas. The battle was contentious, with Cruz going on to beat Dewhurst in a run-off on July 31, 2012 after being outspent, but running on the power of a strong grassroots campaign.

One would think that after such a shocking loss by Dewhurst, who had served Texas as Lt. Governor since 2003 and prior to that served as Land Commissioner from 1999 to 2003, that there would be bad blood or resentment on Dewhurst’s part,  Who knows, perhaps there was. But a tweet that Dewhurst sent out during the GOP Debate in Houston broadcast by CNN on February 25 was a huge shoutout of respect for something Cruz supporters have said for years.

As he was obviously watching the debate, David Dewhurst tweeted out a bit of praise for Cruz in defense of him.

How refreshing to see someone from the Republican establishment give praise to Cruz for the one thing that some in the establishment attack him over — his belief in, adherence to, and defense of the Constitution.


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    I was working in the Texas State Republican Party while Dewhurst was Lt. Governor. He gave money to help pay for my traveling Texas instructing in the Texas Election Law to lawyers/County Chairmen/Election Judges/Clerks. I was in his campaign office one year (not the year Cruz ran against him), and Dewhurst had money.

    He wasn’t terribly effective as the head of the Texas Senate. We would have had Voter ID years before we did if he had not stopped that vote coming up when we had a majority in the senate that day. The Party was very angry when he would not let that vote come up.

    Believe me, Cruz is a much stronger conservative than Dewhurst. I do applaud Dewhurst for telling the truth about Cruz now.

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