The Mask Is Off: Trump Blames Conservatives For GOP Betrayals

Source: Daily Wire | February 11, 2016 | Ben Shapiro


On Wednesday, Donald Trump finally came out of the closet: yes, he admitted, he’s no conservative, but conservatives are the problem with the country anyway. Here’s his tweet:


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  •  Consistent #868

     slhancock1948 #870

    Like Cruz is not a real American? Pulleeeeeze! I guess that was what drew Sarah Palin to abandon her conservative roots and join the team that is almost the most ungodly of them all. REALLY, Sarah? This is going to make America great again? And didn’t we hear that 8 years ago, as well? Here we go again! I just pray that Cruz can take this way from Trump, who doesn’t deserve the title or role of POTUS. It needs to be reclaimed for dignity and honor.

    Pray for righteousness to be restored and for the peace of Jerusalem

     plewis #886

    Quite disgusting.

    Many conservative who backs this disgrace should be ashamed.

    Donald Trump and his sycophant followers are deranged and MUST be stopped for the continuation of the republic.

     Victoria #890

    Consistent, you said: “I routinely receive emails and tweets proclaiming that Trump fans don’t care if Trump is conservative, because he’s a “real American,” …”

    That has been said by Jim over and over and over. Something like he wrote just yesterday about Trump. First he says he likes Cruz, then says about Trump, “He is an American and he will give them hell and build a wall and bring back the military and keep out Muslims, etc., etc.” He and the others actually believe Trump, by himself, can run the whole country the way “they” want it run. They cannot see Trump WILL do it his way and his way is whatever he thinks that day. “Let’s put more gold top tables in the East Room. I need white and gold threads in the curtains in the Oval Office, it will make a better picture of me behind the desk.”

    “My billionaire friends I appointed to run all the offices of the executive branch, are meeting today here in the White House, so let’s have caviar with crescent rolls to begin the meeting and get coffee from Starbucks which is now in the White House.”

    “I have finished the million dollar ballroom I said I would build onto the White House and my billionaire friends are staying with us tonight to enjoy the orchestra we will have in the ballroom tonight.”

    “What? People want to tour the White House? Absolutely not, my renovations to the White House are too expensive to have ruffian Americans in here. Just shut and lock the doors – that’s great, simply great. Order me another Grande Latte from Starbucks around the corner from my Oval Office. Man, they make great coffee, just great. I am great and I like great coffee. ”

    What are these people who want to vote for Trump, eating or smoking, or what pills are they taking? It is as though they can’t think for themselves – they live for what Trump says, no matter what it is. This is crazy and it is NOT great.

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