The Rainbow Jihad Declares an All-Out War on Women

Source: Conservative Review | May 21, 2016 | Steve Deace

p>Is it progressivism and tolerance in action, or split-seconds away from molestation and rape? So hard to tell any more as the Rainbow Jihad’s war against women rages on.

The pagan Gnostics over at the Charlotte Observer appear to have it all figured out, though, after penning an editorial in response to the bathroom insanity that darkens their state and, thus, the nation. But instead of using words, the – ahem – “newspaper” may as well have simply published an enlarged picture of a phallus with the headline “Here it comes, girls! Get used to it.”

Trannies best all be in the current sprinting towards Gomorrah. Sure girls, go ahead and complain about mansplaining and wage gaps all you want. But if your worldly “discomfort” has anything to do with a desire not to be around weird naked men, well then welcome to the bigot club!

According to the Observer, you silly women who like your privacy need to either grow up or get back on your fainting couch. Leave the heavy lifting of progress to men who make Klinger from “Mash” look like Genghis Khan.

What? You didn’t think all that women’s suffrage stuff, and getting out of the kitchen, had anything to do with your lady parts having manifest destiny in the bathrooms and showers, did you? Stupid girls. Know your place.

The new math is that patriarchy is bad. However, patriarchy in lipstick and a tube top with no pants on, while you and your offensive vagina bias tries to towel off at the health club, is the way Darwin always intended it.

There now. Good girl. Now don’t step out of the tranny line again — or else.


You will be made to care, daughter of Eve, and that means understanding there is nothing special about your multi-generational search for gender equality. For the same Leftists who sold you on the lie of egalitarian feminism have now taken your womanhood away from you altogether.

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