The Transgender Straw Broke the Camel’s Back: It’s Time to Declare Independence

Source: National Review | May 13, 2016 | David French

You may not have realized it yet, but the Obama administration just destroyed the traditional American public school. Without an act of Congress, without a ruling from the Supreme Court, and without even going through the motions of the regulatory rule-making process, the administration issued a letter drafting every single public educational institution in the country to implement the extreme edge of the sexual revolution.

The Department of Justice and the Department of Education have declared that they now “interpret” federal law to not only support the fantastical notion that boys can become girls but also to impose new legal requirements that impact every aspect of school life. The administration’s letter sweeps far beyond bathrooms — imposing a new speech code on school employees and even students, opening girls’ showers to boys, requiring schools to allow boys to sleep in girls’ rooms on overnight field trips, requiring boys to room with girls even in single-sex dorms, and putting boys on girls’ sports teams.

Moreover, schools are prohibited from making any inquiry to ensure that the boys using girls’ facilities are, in fact, transgender. They can’t ask for medical documentation. They can’t ask for treatment information. They can’t ask for identification. They have to take the boy at his word.

And yet the administration’s letter isn’t significant just for what it says — it’s significant for what it means. The federal government can and will use extralegal means to override local control, the rule of law, and even the Constitution itself when social justice demands it. That principal you love? He’s not in control of your school. The great school board you just elected? They’re puppets. The teacher your child bonds with? She doesn’t run her own classroom.



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    At least two of my grandchildren are home schooled. The other 4 will never be. Two of my children’s spouses are grade school teachers but conservatives. This will be interesting. I am hoping Scott Walker and WI stands up to this.

    EVERYDAY #6143

    Pennsylvania, having gone Democrat, will probably not resist this ryranny. In fact, local news here reported on a school district where the superintendent, on his own without consulting the school board or obtaining the parents’ approval, mandated that allegedly transgender males could use the girls’ restrooms and locker rooms. Naturally, there is upheaval over this move and parents are demanding the superintendent’s head on a platter, but now that King Obama has decreed this be done, I doubt the districts will resist.

    I said elsewhere that it will be up to the parents to resist. Our elected officials might whine to the media, but they won’t take action until “We the People” compel them to.

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