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***Horse Race LiveWire*** Anti-Trump Protesters In Utah Clash With Police

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  • slhancock1948 #2855

    This picture was on Brietbart, with another title, but to me it shows Trump’s contempt for others. At first he is the “we’re all friends here” kind, then after he has your loyalty, it is the contempt picture, as if “I don’t really need this and you’re bothering me.” In this picture he didn’t even hide his contempt for Cruz, and Cruz is wise to not want to be his VP. I think Cruz understands that as VP, he would be given nothing to do, or he’d be paraded out to do the dirty work that would compromise his stands on issues. Especially the latter. Trump would try to compromise Ted in every way.

    That said, I am still praying for a Cruz win at the ballot box during the primaries. That would settle the issue. I think that Trump would support Hillary if he lost to Cruz, honestly.

    Pray for righteousness to be restored and for the peace of Jerusalem

    EVERYDAY #2864

    I would post this photo on Ted Cruz’s Facebook page to show his minions how he doesn’t care as much about America — or them — as they think he does, but they would just ignore it or explain it away.

    The minions’ latest effort is to post on social media such comments as “Ted Cruz can’t possibly win.” “Time for Ted Cruz to reach out to Trump and ask for the VP slot”. “Don’t vote for Ted Cruz. He’s a loser (or a liar, or whatever the current propaganda meme is).” It’s an effort to get Cruz to give up and to discourage his supporters and any independents or undecideds who haven’t committed yet. As I see it, the Trumpsters are getting anxious, maybe even desperate. Little Donnie still does not have enough delegates and even if he wins the rest of the primaries, there is still the possibility he will not get the nomination. So they will by any means necessary either psych out Ted Cruz and his supporters to give it up and support Donnie, or if they can’t do that, they will destroy Ted Cruz and his supporters.

    Both Ted and his supporters must pray for the strength to resist. We all have to be strong. No matter what happens at the rest of the primaries and caucuses, or at the convention, we must not let anyone — Trump’s storm troopers, the GOPe or Democrat operatives or saboteurs — deter us. We cannot be cowed into voting for the orange skinned tyrant or any other loser who might get the nomination. We must work to install Ted Cruz in the White House. It’s the only way to save the US from certain doom.

    God bless Ted Cruz. God bless all of us.

    slhancock1948 #2866

    Yes, Everyday, we must continue to fight the good fight! While I know this is considered by most to JUST be a political battle, many, if not most of us here, know that this is even more of a spiritual battle than political. We cannot grow weary. I look at Ted and Heidi, and I know they must be exhausted, but they are fighting hard every day. The worst is the slander and lying. It gets to your inner being, so you must be prayed up. Every time you appear on a TV spot the anchor is throwing it in your face, repeating like they believe it, too!

    I have not seen a man endure such hypocrisy from supposed fellow believers (Huckabee, Santorum, Carson & Rubio calling him a liar over and over again) and vitriol from his own party as Cruz has and still maintain a Christian attitude. I know Scott Walker endured a lot, as did many of his followers, but they were from the opposition party. I didn’t put Trump in the above-mentioned group because he is not a believer. Trump is basically a democrat…and that video by his daughter in FL, asking democrats to register to vote for her dad revealed a lot about Trump because it basically stated that Trump would help them preserve their ideology…a very subtle hint there.

    Pray for righteousness to be restored and for the peace of Jerusalem

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