This story perfectly sums up what's happened to our culture.

Source: Steve Deace's Facebook | June 1, 2016 | Steve Deace

This story perfectly sums up what’s happened to our culture.

There will be, and already are, Christian leaders telling the war hero of character in this piece not to run for president rather than help their brother with their prayers and resources. All because he might play spoiler to a serial and unrepentant adulterer, a serial and unrepentant con man, a strip club owner and pimp with an escort service, as well as a draft dodger. Who held a press conference yesterday where he lied (again) about donations to vets he didn’t make until the media busted him for it.

Ask yourself this question, how can we expect the culture to follow God when we ourselves will not? And as a follow up, wouldn’t you put the odds of getting an independent candidate the presidency at about the same as Trump defying his 70-year track record and being a godly president? If that’s the case, which gamble do you think is most likely to be blessed and pay off in some way? Furthermore, which option is most likely to tarnish our public witness all the more.

When we as Christians side with the likes of Trump, we are not being shrewd or clever. We are fools, succumbing to the sage of the age rather than living on faith. We are doing works with faith, and not faith with works. One gives us a place of honor in the Kingdom of Heaven, the other a Cain-like offering God always rejects.

What I am suggesting to you is the most pragmatic thing of all — side with the only undefeated being in all the universe. Do as He says, as best you can, and whenever you can. And when you fall, admit it.

I am a broken man from years of abuse growing up. It gave me anger issues, and led me to self medicate with women and pornography. But I’m not a victim, I made those choices. I still fall at times today, but I wouldn’t get back up without God’s grace, and I’d probably fall all the more. Thankfully, despite this thorn in my flesh, His grace is sufficient for me.

And His grace calls me to put boundaries around myself to acknowledge these weaknesses with wisdom, which is exactly what the Frenches are being condemned for. Will Christian leaders come to their defense, or are they more interested in maneuvering to help a proud pagan with tyrant tendencies rule over them?

I challenge anyone to read the Scriptures and learn for yourself what is good and pleasing to God, and then do it and see what happens when you trust Him. There may be pain in the night, but joy comes in the morning.

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