Tiger Woods delivers for himself, golf, and America

Source: Washington Examiner | April 14, 2019 | Tom Rogan

It was an extraordinary performance made more so for what, to Tiger Woods, must have seemed like an increasingly suffocating atmosphere of growing expectation. Could he really do it?

Yes, yes he could.

Winning his fifth Masters on Sunday, Woods thus also secured his fifteenth win of a major. It was his first in 11 years. The beauty of Woods’ performance in Augusta, Ga. is made more special by its uniquely American character.

Because it’s a story of redemption — of a player who just a few years ago seemed like he might not ever win a major again, and whom some foolish souls ruled out. While the media speculation and whispering has occasionally gotten to Woods since 2008, he has never allowed it to triumph over him. Offering a greater engagement with his fans but maintaining consistent in his desire for privacy, Woods kept his focus tight and his swing loose, simply playing the game. The hard work has paid off.


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    Wonderful that Tiger won after such a downward spiral. I hope this means he is behaving himself,

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