Trump Ally Planning Protests at GOP Convention.

Source: The Hill | 4.2.2016 | Jessie Hellman
Donald Trump ally Roger Stone says he is organizing protests at the Republican convention in Cleveland this summer to keep the GOP from “stealing” the nomination away from Trump.
Stone on Friday told BuzzFeed he “will stage protests at hotels of state delegates of states supporting the BIG STEAL.”

Stone is calling the protests “#DaysofRage” in an apparent reference to 1969 protests in Chicago organized by radical left-wing groups.
Stone worked for the Trump campaign until August, when he and the campaign parted ways in the wake of hostilities between Trump and Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly.
In an interview with GQ earlier this week, Stone hinted at protests at the convention, saying that “I think there’d by extreme anger by the Trump supporters. I don’t know that it would boil over into violence. Trump is certainly not advocating violence.” 
Trump has faced widespread criticism for his intense campaign rallies, which have been marked by scuffles and several incidents of punches being thrown. 
The businessman himself was sued Thursday over alleged violence at a Kentucky rally in March.


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  • slhancock1948 #3647

    I’m sure he can get George Soros to throw a few protestors in the group, as well. Trump’s allies ought to give any patriotic Americans pause.

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    Pray for righteousness to be restored and for the peace of Jerusalem

    slhancock1948 #3648

    Sorry, this auto-correct function is aggravating! I reread it and it said GOP, then it came up as GOD. Good grief!

    Pray for righteousness to be restored and for the peace of Jerusalem

    ConservativeGranny #3649

    LOL! Well it sure got everyone’s attention 🙂

    This nonsense sounds like a threat to me. Saying stuff like this makes certain that every nut case within 100 miles will show up.

    rodamala #3655

    I’m soooo ready for the convention…

    slhancock1948 #3674

    Yes, it’s popcorn and drinks time…watch the show!

    I think Trump is behind the protestors showing up at his rallies, to be honest. I hate to sound like I’m impugning the man, but I think he is capable and narcissistic enough to do it!

    Pray for righteousness to be restored and for the peace of Jerusalem

    Victoria #3677

    If Trump doesn’t have the required number of delegates, Cruz is going to win on the second ballot and the Trump die hards are going to riot and people are going to get hurt or killed either inside or outside the convention. Trump is setting the stage for that by his statements like, “I have millions of votes and I should be president.” And, “I don’t want violence, but they had better treat me fairly.”

    Trump rioter prone fans are going to show up outside the convention center and anti-Trump rioter prone agitators are going to show up outside and there are going to be deaths.

    If you haven’t been to a Republican state or national convention, if you are a delegate, you have delegate paper credentials you have to show before you are allowed into the convention center. The only visitors allowed in are these: every delegate can list two friends (the last I know is a limit of two), to be visitors. That way, a spouse who is a delegate can list the other spouse to be a visitor. The visitors must set apart from the delegates as only the delegates and alternate delegates are allowed on the floor.

    You see, there are RULES to be followed. Trump will not own the convention center and he cannot run the convention and that is going to tick him off right away. He needs to buy an island and declare himself King for Life of that island and go there and stay. He is the biggest crying baby I have ever seen. He wants his pacifier constantly. He has a tape in his body running constantly that says, “You are not treating me fairly and I will get you for that forever.” Also, his famous, “I didn’t start it.” And, “People are saying….”, “People ask me…”, “I don’t know, but people say…” “It may not be true, but people say…”. “I hope it isn’t true, but people say…”

    ConservativeGranny #3685

    I agree with you Victoria. His rhetoric is intended to get people riled up. Trump seems to enjoy this kind of power. Sooner or later this will quickly grow into a monster that he cannot control. People will be hurt and there will be finger pointing all around but he put up the circus tent. No one can control a mob.

    We’ve seen Obama and the left play these kinds of games in
    Furgeson and other places. We saw what the results of that were. Police are still being killed because of it.

    EVERYDAY #3686

    I thought I read somewhere that firearms are banned at the convention, even if the owner has a concealed carry permit. If so,and these bums start rioting, the results could be disastrous.

    This Roger Stone is one ugly dude. I mean, ugly from the inside out. The media keeps saying he no longer works for the campaign. Hogwash! He’s the enforcer, the troublemaker, the organizer of Trump’s version of the brownshirts. And I believe — although I have no proof — that he is somehow involved in this alleged Ted Cruz sex scandal. Stone should be in prison, and I hope that day comes soon.

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