Trump Campaign Admits it did not Raise $6M for Vets, or Even Close

Source: Redstate | May 21, 2016 | Leon H. Wolf

When Donald Trump decided to skip the last Presidential debate in Iowa, he held a rally in Iowa that he claimed was a fundraiser for Veterans groups. From the very beginning, many have openly questioned the fantastic claims Trump made about this event, especially considering that from the beginning Trump was unable to explain which veterans groups were going to get this massive money he was allegedly raising.

Trump sought to quell much of the furor about skipping the debate by claiming that his event had raised an astonishing $6M for veterans groups, of which $1M was donated personally by Trump or his foundations. This led many to naturally wonder, who is receiving the money and when will they receive it?


Back in March, the Trump campaign finally released a list of 27 groups who had allegedly received some $2.9M, almost all of which had been actually donated by Trump, his foundations, or foundations associated with Carl Icahn. Even that figure was the subject of some dispute as some of the groups listed disclaimed having received any funds at all.  

Now, at last, the Trump campaign is fessing up to the fact that the veterans rally did not raise $6M, or even close. In fact, Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski was forced to admit that they have not even raised $4.5M, as was reported by the Washington Post recently

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  • EVERYDAY #6405

    Lies, lies and more lies.

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    Lyin’ Don Trump!

    Consistent #6412

    slhancock1948 #6417

    The LIAR succeeded in taking out the Truther. What a mess we are in. When will Americans realize that “breaking stories” the day of or before an election…or even a primary…is usually based totally on lies and innuendo, and does’t give the accused a chance to rebut.
    The public gets ‘punked’ every time. Only this time, with much worse results. We get the Biggest LIAR of all times, the owner of an escort service, a dishonest wheeler-dealer, and narcissist among many other nefarious actions and names as our possible president.

    America has never stooped this low. We knew Obama was a closet Communist and possibly a Muslim, so we sorta knew what was coming…at least we did. But with Trump, it is sorta like the Obamacare bill…we have to pass it to see what is inside. That bodes ill, in my opinion. Because he is only running for 1 term, he doesn’t have to answer to anybody…like Obama’s 2nd term.

    Pray for righteousness to be restored and for the peace of Jerusalem

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