Trump Campaign Could Lose PA Delegates By Playing To Win

Source: NBC News | 04/26/2016 | ALEXANDRA JAFFE

PITTSBURGH, Pa. — John Wells says he would’ve made a perfect Pennsylvania delegate for Donald Trump — and was recruited months ago by the Trump campaign to do just that, running in the 10th district, along with a handful of others, for a shot at the national convention this July.


But he and other grassroots supporters were left off the Trump campaign’s official delegate slate, part of a strategic shift by the campaign that risks backfiring — potentially costing him both delegates and the candidate’s carefully-crafted image as the quintessential anti-politician beholden only to the people.


A senior adviser to top Trump aide Paul Manafort counters that the campaign is merely implementing strategic decisions to vet potential delegates and find those best suited to promote the campaign through the July Republican convention.


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  • Neverdul #5288

    So in other words, the Trump campaign didn’t want the grassroots delegates, the “people”, but ones who were or had been politicians or were insiders in the PA GOP.

    That nuts-and-bolts effort began just 10 days ago, when Manafort dispatched a top aide to the state to organize the effort with the two strategists running Trump’s Pennsylvania campaign. The three went to work vetting an already-established list of Trump supporters, many of them part of the grassroots effort that had been originally recruited by Trump staffers months ago when the campaign first started looking at the state, an effort that was largely abandoned. They dug into each individual delegate’s background, meeting with many personally, in some cases interviewing their neighbors and looking into their past political participation.

    Comrade. We appreciate your support of Dear Leader but your neighbor reported he had doubts on your level of enthusiasm and unwavering devotion.

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