Trump, Cruz fight for hidden Colorado delegate pool

Source: Politico | March 28, 2016 | Eli Stokols

The caucus is long over, but candidates are eyeing a party convention where 34 delegates are up for grabs.

When Colorado Republicans scrapped their binding straw poll as part of the state’s March 1 caucuses, it looked like they were forfeiting their relevance in the GOP’s front-loaded nomination process.

Now, they’re back in the game.

With a still unsettled three-way primary fight appearing to be headed for a contested convention in July, Colorado’s GOP assemblies over the next week offer Donald Trump and Ted Cruz a major opportunity to win a significant pile of delegates chosen almost completely by party insiders. Now, it’s up to the three candidates to convince the party to pick delegates who promise to vote in their favor.

“It’s chaos. It’s a cluster. It’s the ultimate insider’s game,” said Josh Penry, a GOP operative in Denver who chaired Marco Rubio’s campaign in Colorado. “There are so many delegates in play.”

Cruz confirmed Monday that he will attend the Colorado GOP’s state assembly on April 9. And Trump and Kasich are also tentatively planning to attend the confab of roughly 6,000 party activists in Colorado Springs, where 27 of the state’s 34 delegates to the Republican National Convention will be elected.


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    Denver Post: Ted Cruz to visit Colorado, battle for Republican delegates


    A preliminary analysis of the delegates who will attend the state convention shows a plurality are unpledged but more are pledging support to Cruz than rival Donald Trump, according to state party figures.

    The final numbers showing which candidate is most popular among Colorado state delegates is expected by Tuesday.

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    Another Twitter Outburst with accompanying Lawsuit “Threat”.

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