Trump declares national emergency in latest bid to combat coronavirus

Source: Politico | March 13, 2020 | Anita Kumar and Daniel Lippman

The move taps the Federal Emergency Management Agency to participate more in the response, while unleashing billions in funding.

UPDATE (3:34 P.M.): President Donald Trump on Friday declared a national emergency in his latest bid to combat the escalating coronavirus crisis.

Trump said the move would free up $50 billion in additional funding. He also said he would allow Health and Human Services to waive certain regulations and laws to more quickly deliver testing and care for coronavirus patients.

“No resource will be spared,” Trump said.

Trump’s decision comes after his administration has faced weeks of criticism for failing to adequately respond to the spreading disease, which has killed more than 5,000 people worldwide and infected tens of thousands.


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    Supposedly, Donnie is going to be tested for the coronavirus “soon” — after he has possibly infected a bunch of people. Real leadership in action. Sigh!

    I wonder how much of this money — and the monies Democrats and Republicans agreed to spend today — is actually going to go to combat this virus. I suspect this will be more of our tax dollars down the rabbit hole.

    And this “national emergency” declaration — what else is involved besides money? Will it open the door to a national version of the Soviet-style quarantine we are seeing in New Rochelle? Seems to me that, as panic is taking hold, we may be allowing the powers to be to impose tyranny on us in the name of ‘feeling safe.”

    Forgive my exercise in conspiracy theory, but these days, I don’t trust our federal masters.

     ConservativeGranny #36343

    I suspect that the tax dollars will go to the airlines, cruise lines and big businesses who lose money over this. Of course these businesses have to be able to make a profit so they can afford to provide jobs and rehire those that have been laid off.

    This is one of the roles or powers that the Constitution does give the government. Their job is to do the things that we cannot do for ourselves. To provide for the national defense, collect taxes, pay the national debts, provide law & order,, negotiate treaties and then there is also the “general welfare” clause which so many think covers just about every social program and is quite often debated. We (the people) also give them the power to print money, borrow money on our behalf as well as use their quarantine powers when there is a threat to the national health & safety. They also can close down the borders during a national crisis or threat.

    In the case of an epidemic or a pandemic like we are seeing now the government does have a duty to protect the people as we cannot alone fight off something like this. We need the funding of the government as well as their ability to manage (or mismanage) a crisis of this magnitude. This is why the government provides aid after a hurricane by offering low interest loans and other relief aid to help people and states get back on their feet.

    These are examples of the powers that the Constitution gives the federal government and I believe that in the case of a threat such as a pandemic the government has a duty to execute these powers to protect the citizens of the United States. It is an example of a proper role for the government and IMO is not giving the government too much power as they already have been granted these powers through the Constitution of the United States.

    I completely understand the lack of trust in our government as it has so often abused it power and broken the trust of the American people. Trust once lost is very difficult to earn back. I hope that some day we will again be able to have a reasonable amount of trust that our government is working for our best interests. I don’t have that trust either right now.

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