Trump Donates $25,000 to Terry “Let Criminals Vote” McAuliffe

Source: Conservative Review | 26 Apr 16 | Daniel Horowitz

According to CNN, among the many liberal Democrats Trump supported throughout his career was Terry McAuliffe in his first bid for the Virginia’s governor’s mansion in 2009.  We are not talking ancient history here.  The frontrunner for the GOP nomination gave $25,000 to one of the sleaziest Democrats of our generation just seven years ago, a man who served as the Chairman of the DNC.  As late as September 2014, Trump was still rubbing shoulders with the man:

What is so tragic and ironic is that McAuliffe just signed an executive order categorically restoring voting rights to 206,000 felons in Virginia, including convicted murderers.  His action likely violated the state’s Constitution.   

With such a narrow window of electoral viability in Virginia, it’s almost impossible to win the state if these overwhelmingly Democrat voters are added to the high floor of Democrat support in the state.  Yet, Trump was one of the earliest supporters of the man who will likely tip the presidential election to Hillary Clinton if his executive order is not countermanded.

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  • ConstitutionalConservative #5219

    Trump doesn’t just donate to democrats they must first qualify as the sleaziest dems in the party.

    Consistent #5222

    Victoria #5224

    It is as Trump said: He could shoot someone in the streets of New York City and his supporters wouldn’t care, they would still be for him. So, his supporters won’t care that he donated $25,000 to Terry.

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