Trump Endorses Fanatically Open-Borders RINO, Renee Ellmers

Source: Conservative Review | June 5, 2016 | Daniel Horowitz

The “Trump revolution” has officially come full circle. 

As we’ve observed throughout this election season, every single House and Senate incumbent has won reelection.  Ironically, the extra “Trump turnout” has helped establishment incumbents fend off challenges from grassroots conservatives across the map.  Now, Donald Trump is directly wading into congressional primaries on behalf of open-border RINOs.

Trump could have gotten involved in a number of worthy primaries.  He could have backed Jim Bridenstine against the Boehner acolyte challenging him.  He could have joined Ted Cruz and Tom Coburn in backing Jarrin Jackson against leadership-hack Markwayne Mullin in the adjacent district in eastern Oklahoma.  He could have supported Paul Nehlen, the challenger to Speaker Paul Ryan.  Nope, he is nowhere to be seen; the same way he is missing in action when it comes to lending his voice to fight a single legislative battle for conservatives.

Instead, Trump has planted his flag in North Carolina’s newly-drawn Second Congressional District, where he just endorsed Renee Ellmers. This, from Politico:

Trump makes a personal appeal to voters to back Ellmers in a robocall released Saturday. She was “the first congresswoman to endorse me and she really was terrific and boy, is she a fighter,” Trump says in the call. It is the first time this election that Trump has picked sides in a congressional race.

“I need her help in Washington so we can work together to defeat ISIS, secure our border and bring back jobs and frankly, so many other things,” Trump continues. “And Renee knows how to do it. She gets it. And together, we will make America great again.”

Oh, she’s a fighter alright – a fighter for the Boehner K Street political elites.  There is perhaps no sitting member who embodies the source of anger among Republican voters – the anger that has engendered the rise of Trump in the first place – more than Renee Ellmers.  After she was elected as a “Tea Party conservative” in 2010, she immediately became one of the most loyal foots soldiers for Boehner, Cantor and McCarthy and has done more to fight the conservative grassroots on immigration that any sitting House member. 

Check out her CR profile here, and you will discover a more extensive liberal rap sheet than almost any sitting Republican congressman.  Whether it’s opposing her state’s marriage amendment, fighting against pro-life legislation, or voting to support Obama’s amnesty even for convicted child molesters, Ellmers was always with the far-left. 

A friend of mine spent several years working to challenge Ellmers before the federal courts stepped in and egregiously remade the maps in middle of an election. Now Ellmers is running in the same district as Rep. George Holding, a less offensive RINO, and conservative/libertarian activist Greg Brannon.   


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    There are two things you can always count on with Trump he is consistently inconsistent and in all ways contradictory.
    In the deceived and sickened minds of so many this is what our nation staggering in the throes of death; needs to survive, and so a monster is created. GOD HELP US!

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