Trump Has Given Up His Personal Cell Phone

Source: RedState | January 19, 2017 | Susan Wright

Perhaps Donald Trump can say if nothing else, he learned something from Hillary Clinton –

Don’t use your private phone to do company (government) business.

The Associated Press is reporting that Trump is giving up his personal phone.

Trump apparently told a friend on Thursday that he has given up the phone on the advice of security agencies.

It appears he’ll now follow in the footsteps of President Barack Obama, who traded in his personal device for a secure Blackberry when he took office.

Personal smartphones are a relatively new problem for security officials to deal with – Obama was the nation’s first president who regularly used a cellphone.


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  •  Consistent #12911

     CA Surveyor #12928

    let’s hope he doubles down on tweeting.

    Trump’s tweets have succeeded in demolishing the MSM propaganda machine.

    Now we all will know what the President really said; not what some retched vomit spewing propagandist wants us to think he said.

     Consistent #12961

     EVERYDAY #12964

    Trump’s tweets make him look like a 2 year old. Let’s hope if he continues with Twitter, one of his staff members looks over his shoulder.

     CA Surveyor #12973

    Trump’s tweets have given him the victory in the flow of information that the MSM previously held in their complete control.

    The 2 year olds were his predecessors.

     ConservativeGranny #12980

    The MSM has destroyed itself and Trump’s tweets do nothing but reveal the mental illness that this man, who now has great power, suffers from.

    There is nothing wrong with the POTUS using any media available to counter the lies of the press. It’s not the use of Twitter that is the problem. It is the person using it. I’m still not convinced it is actually Donald because it sounds more like a 12-year-old insecure boy. Could it really be his youngest son?

     EVERYDAY #12982

    I wish Trump’s tweets were “information.” Most of the time they are the rantings of a ten year old schoolyard bully. Others consist of whines at every perceived insult like a little kid.

    Trump should know that much of the time it’s far better not to respond to every slight, real or imagined. Not everyone is going to love him as president. It shows class and maturity to just ignore malcontents like the Hollywood elite. Who cares what they think? He shouldn’t.

    I don’t know much about the son, but I suspect he’s more mature than his father. That isn’t good.

    Trump is president now. Time for him to act like a grownup.

     Consistent #12990

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