Trump Humiliated, Cruz Triumphant: Your Complete Saturday Delegate Battle Result

Source: RedState | April 24, 2016 | Caleb Howe

Kentucky: The odd-state out, Kentucky’s GOP all but shut out the campaigns from getting loyalists into the delegate slots, instead filling them with “prominent elected officials and party leaders” as Leon reported at the link above. Among those delegates are, Gov. Matt Bevin, Sen. Mitch McConnell, and Sen. Rand Paul…..

MAINE: In Maine, Cruz now has 19 of the 23 delegates headed to the national convention, 20 of which were decided on Saturday. As streiff noted at the link above, the only Trump loyalist was embattled Gov. Paul LePage himself, who had a very bad day. An almost complete victory for Ted, and a complete washout for Trump.

MINNESOTA: Of Minnesota’s eight congressional districts, the delegates from three were decided yesterday, three from each one. Cruz swept all nine…..

SOUTH CAROLINA: Out of South Carolina’s seven congressional districts, one was decided on Saturday, for a total of three delegates. A Cruz supporter, a Kasich supporter, and an uncommitted delegate were selected.

UTAH: In Utah, Saturday was the state convention, and 37 delegates were elected to the national convention. Two were confirmed and one final delegate will of course be Utah party chairman James Evans. Of the 37 voted in, Cruz took a stunning 36 with supporters and loyalists…..

If you’ve kept count, then you know this means that Cruz loyalists filled a whopping 65 of the 94 spots available on Saturday. And that’s not knowing who, for example, Kentucky delegates may lean toward for their own second ballot choice. So he may have picked up even more than that.



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  • Consistent #5086

    EVERYDAY #5088

    Donald Trump is desperate for Ted Cruz to drop out. Trump will not make that magic number of 1237 on his own. So he wants Ted Cruz to do all the work of winning delegates, then try to force Cruz to drop out, so he can take Ted Cruz’s delegates. Trump does not want to do the work of snagging delegates himself, so he will steal those delegates the other candidates have worked for.

    Didn’t we have enough of a “community organizer” president who had others do the work, while he traveled all over the world (at taxpayer expense), then come home and take credit for whatever was accomplished?

    I thought people were anxious to rid themselves of Obama? So why are they eager to vote in a candidate who is much like him?

    ConstitutionalConservative #5091

    Trump and all the pundits thought he had the entire North East sown up, this is going to launch Trump and his trumpanzees into another insane tirade making himself and his monkey’s look even more stupid, but not more stupid than they really are, there is plenty of time before they realize just how stupid their stupid really is. Then again so many are to stupid too know what stupid is.

    CA Surveyor #5103

    From “Smokin’ Joe (Freerepublic)

    My candidate never…

    praised Obama
    supported amnesty
    praised “Stimulus”
    praised bailouts
    praised ethanol subsidies
    support eminent domain for corporate gain
    supported corporate welfare
    said women needed to be treated like $#@!
    supported government-run healthcare
    praised Planned Parenthood
    supported present abortion laws
    donated money to Hillary Clinton
    donated money to Clinton Foundation
    donated money to Charlie Rangel
    donated money to Rahm Emmanuel
    donated money to Bill deBlasio
    owned a strip club
    hosted porn convention
    said Scott Walker should have raised taxes
    avoided taxes through crooked scheme
    turned on criminal partner when caught
    declared bankruptcy
    supported common core
    supported assault weapons ban
    supported long wait times for 2nd amendment
    controlling and shutting down parts of internet
    wanted new libel laws against free press
    said gay marriage was “law of the land”
    said we should not side with Israel
    associated with mafia figures
    hosted birthday parties for mafia kid
    spent Christmas Eve with George Soros
    paid a $10 million fine for money laundering
    boasted about paying off politicians for favors
    ripped off family members inheritance
    never said he’d get away with killing someone on 5th avenue
    encouraged his supporters to punch protesters
    promised to make deals with Democrats if elected
    promised a wall with a great big door for amnesty
    said he could change positions any time he wanted
    flip-flopped on common core in 3 minutes

    ConstitutionalConservative #5109

    CA Surveyor: I always enjoyed Smokin Joes participation he is rock solid.

    Thanks for that list I was thinking if you wanted; you could start a dedicated thread listing of all the flip-flops and absurdities of Trump starting with that list Smokin wrote and we can all build on it as it things comes to mind I believe there is much more.

    Another recent revelation that comes to mind just posted here on CC is Trump donating $20,000 dollars to LGBT social justice warriors.
    He said democrats were always better on the economy.
    He is afraid to debate one on one he knows he can’t handle spending more than one minute answering a question.
    On and on like that, the well is poison and deep for sure, I don’t know how so many can drink from it.

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