Trump: I'm at ‘zero risk’ of removal by 25th Amendment

Source: Politico | January 12, 2021 | Matthew Choi

Democrats are voting to request Pence to remove the president by the 25th Amendment, before moving to impeachment on Wednesday.

President Donald Trump said Tuesday that he was at no risk of being ousted by the 25th Amendment and called moves to impeach him following the Capitol hill insurgency another “hoax.”

Speaking in Alamo, Texas, in his first live, planned public remarks since last week’s violence, Trump shut down House Democrats’ desire for Vice President Mike Pence and the Cabinet to remove him for encouraging rioters who stormed the Capitol last week.

Democrats plan to vote later Tuesday to request Pence to remove the president by the 25th Amendment, and they intend to impeach the president on a count of inciting insurrection if Pence declines to do so.

Trump brushed off talk of the 25th Amendment, saying it would be more harmful to President-elect Joe Biden than him.

“The 25th Amendment is of zero risk to me, but will come back to haunt Joe Biden and the Biden administration,” Trump said.

“As the expression goes, be careful what you wish for,” he added without elaborating.


“The impeachment hoax is a continuation of the greatest and most vicious witch hunt in the history of our country and is causing tremendous anger and division and pain far greater than most people will ever understand, which is very dangerous for the USA, especially at this tender time,” Trump said.


“Millions of our citizens watched on Wednesday as a mob stormed the Capitol and crashed the halls of government,” Trump said Tuesday. “As I’ve consistently said throughout my administration, we believe in protecting America’s history and traditions, not tearing them down. We believe in the rule of law, not in violence or rioting.”


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