Trump, Lies, and Bankruptcy

Source: National Review | February 16, 2016 | Kevin D. Williamson
A pattern emerges
Donald Trump is a habitual liar, and the thing about habitual liars is that they lie habitually.
In a testy exchange with former Florida governor Jeb Bush, Trump insisted that he’d never gone bankrupt, and that claims to the contrary are a lie. That’s the Trump magic right there: Lying about your business history is one thing, lying that your critics are lying about it is another.

Trump has a peculiar way of speaking about bankruptcy: He has a deep aversion to the word itself. He speaks of “putting a company into a chapter” without ever answering the implicit question: “Chapter of what? Moby-Dick?” The answer, of course, is the U.S. Bankruptcy Code, to which Trump has taken recourse at least four times over the course of his business career. The chapter in question is the famous Chapter 11, which applies to business bankruptcies. Trump proudly insists that he never has had recourse to Chapter 13, the personal bankruptcy code. This is his apparent justification for saying that he’s never been bankrupt. But of course one of the purposes of Chapter 11 bankruptcy is to keep men such as Donald Trump out of Chapter 13 bankruptcy.
Trump’s first bankruptcy was in 1991 after he borrowed a stupidly irresponsible amount of money to finance that monument to excruciatingly bad taste known as the Trump Taj Mahal in Atlantic City…..

Trump’s second bankruptcy came with his acquisition of New York City’s Plaza Hotel……
The thing about habitual liars is, they lie habitually.
If you’re voting for Trump because you think he’s a straight shooter, you’re a bigger sucker than those chumps losing money on both sides of the table in Atlantic City.
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    I would really like to know just how flush Trump is. I keep hearing he’s a billionaire and a successful businessman. I suspect he’s in debt up to his eyeballs.

    It is important because if he isn’t fiscally responsible for his own empire, what is he going to do with our nearly bankrupt nation?

    Is there any such thing as an investigative journalist anymore? Or do we only have news readers and disseminators of propaganda?

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