Trump l'oeil: How Trump Fools the Eyes of the People

Source: American Thinker | 4.21.2016 | Marilla Duffies

They love the fire, the way he fights, the way he beats up the press. 

And they love how he tells you what he would do, how he’s willing to go in a new direction with different ideas instead of just going with the flow.

This is a mere sampling of what several Trump supporters in South Carolina told a US News reporter during the February primary this year.

“None of us feel it’s an act. That’s who he is”, said a female voter.

The reality of Trump’s show is that his acts continue to pull one and all under his circus tent.  But is this showman turned politician channeling the politician turned showman?  Believe it or not, before P.T. Barnum was foisting hoaxes on believing crowds, he was not only a Connecticut state legislator, but a Republican to boot. 

“I am a showman by profession…and all the gilding shall make nothing else of me”.  Like Trump, he made no bones about his singular purpose of enriching himself.

You can hardly blame Trump supporters for falling for his act when there are plenty of seasoned pundits and politicians who themselves continue to succumb.

History is replete with proverbial suckers born every minute.

Like Mussolini’s followers.  The Italian fascist dictator was full of obsequious charm and hypnotic tricks.  He was a calculating manipulator who powerfully outwitted anyone who got in the way of his narcissistic ventures.

As the quintessential psychopath, Mussolini was masterful at reading others — their body language, their emotions, their needs and their weaknesses — in order to lull them into his web of deception and take advantage of them, never feeling a neuron’s remorse.

Psychopaths are simply incapable of feeling true empathy.  How else can one falsely seduce and abuse his fellow man without feeling the burden of a guilty conscience?  

Seasoned critics — the media and press alike — brush Trump off as a simple-minded and vulgar gasbag.  But Trump is much more enigmatic than the vacuous headline-grabbing banter that ensues — wasting precious ink and airtime — each time he opens his mouth. 

But they will never figure him out or crack his code of conduct so long as they continue to rely on the wrong combination

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