Trump: Military leaders shouldn't talk to the press

Source: Military Times | 05/03/2016 | Leo Shane III

If he becomes commander in chief, Donald Trump won’t let military generals speak to “the dishonest press,” out of fear they’ll spill national security secrets.


“I don’t want them saying things like ‘our nation has never been so ill-prepared.’ Even though it’s true, I don’t want the enemy knowing that.” “A general should not be on television,” the Republican front-runner told a crowd of supporters during a rally at Carmel, Indiana, on Monday. “I don’t want our generals on television. I will prohibit them.


Concerns about force readiness have been a frequent theme among top military officials during Capitol Hill testimony in recent months, often prompted by questions from lawmakers. Those events are typically televised and open to the public.


At the rally, Trump also appeared to criticize former Army Chief of Staff Gen. Ray Odierno, referring to an exit interview by “a certain general, I don’t want to mention his name because he’s a high-quality guy.”

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  • Neverdul #5781

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    I agree with Trump to “some extent” that military leaders should not be on TV and talking to the press about sensitive matters of national security or on troop movements, i.e. on current military operations – before or as they happen, i.e. during times of war.

    On the other hand, I see this as a way that someone like Trump could silence what is really going on, things that the American public has the right to know.

    Trump could send in troops as he’s claimed he wants to in some instances and then claim total “victory” even if it was actually a defeat. Trump could also IMO move to stifle and silence, keep the public from knowing about casualty reports and try to silence Generals and other military brass from testifying before Congress as unless in a closed session, is a matter of public record.

    I also find Trump’s views on the press and on the 1st A to be very concerning like his wanting to “open up liable laws” so he as POTUS can sue anyone saying anything derogatory against him. Trump says it is to prevent lies or “unfair” articles from being printed, but given Trump’s proclivity to even repeating his very own words in many cases as being a lie or “unfair”, should give us Constitutionalists grave concern.

    I get that the MSM is biased to the liberal side but I don’t want opposing views to be shut down.

    Trump also wants IIRC, all government employees to sign lifelong confidentiality agreements so they cannot ever speak about their government service. Would that not negate “whistleblower” protections?

    CA Surveyor #5798

    This statement alone should prevent Trump from getting a single vote.

    The military must be free to speak up on every level; it is essential to a free nation.

    Victoria #5819

    I live with someone who worked in the pentagon and had high security clearance involving our CIA agents. When he left the pentagon, he was sworn to secrecy for twenty-five years. Information such as that must be guarded.

    My opinion is: Trump, however, it appears, is trying to shut down every government employee for the rest of their lives. It is what he does to keep any criticism about him from surfacing. I did read he had everyone working on his campaign sign an agreement they were sworn to secrecy for the rest of their lives. He is a monster in human clothing and will shut down press reporting and every employee including the military. Kings can do that. Hitler types can do that.

    Every day we learn about the real Trump and every day is worse than the day before.

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