Trump, Mr. ‘Win, Win, Win!’, Doesn’t Know How to Play – Even When the Game…..

Source: PJ Media | April 11, 2016 | Andrew C. McCarthy

Trump, Mr. ‘Win, Win, Win!’, Doesn’t Know How to Play – Even When the Game Goes His Way

Two things are worth noting about Donald Trump’s whining over what he suddenly perceives as the “rigged” GOP nomination contest.

1. Trump is powerfully illustrating the fraud at the core of his case for the nomination. He claims that because he is a successful businessman he would be much more adept than conventional politicians at mastering the intricacies of problems and processes. He will, he brags, figure out how to deal with challenges in a way that maximizes American interests, assembling the best, most competent people to execute his plans of action. As a result, we are told, American will “win, win, win” with such numbing regularity that we will be bored to tears by all the success.

But look what is happening. The process of choosing a Republican nominee for president, while far from simple, is not as complicated as many of the challenges that cross an American president’s desk. There are, moreover, countless experienced hands who know how the process works and how to build an organization nimble enough to navigate the array of primaries (open and closed), caucuses, party meetings, varying delegate-allocation formulas, etc., exploiting or mitigating the advantages and disadvantages these present for different kinds of candidates. Yet, Trump has been out-organized, out-smarted, and out-worked by the competition – in particular, Ted Cruz, whom I support.


2. Trump is so out of his depth he fails to see that the chief beneficiary of the process he now indicts as a “rigged” and “corrupt” insider’s game is … Trump himself.


Trump spent years trying to buy the establishment insiders he now purports to run against, contributing mightily to the progressive system he now purports to oppose as a tribune of “the people.” He delighted in the frontrunner advantages of the nomination system as long as he was benefitting effortlessly. But now that we have reached the inevitable stage of the long campaign in which effort and judgment are shown to be crucial, Trump’s lack of fitness becomes increasingly obvious.

The mogul’s business career is a stream of “win, win, win” braggadocio interrupted by lots of huge losses resulting from huge miscalculations. Don’t expect his political career to turn out differently.

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    Learning how delegates are selected in every state is so simple. I worked in that process for ten years. All it takes is going to the individual State Republican Party website and reading their delegate selection rules. They are there for anyone to read.

    Oh, wait, Trump makes speeches, he doesn’t need to know the rules. Shoot, he had 10,000 people in a stadium to hear him speak. That should do it. Right? Besides, he used his own money so he should win and besides that, as soon as a state election was over, he took his paid people out of that state and sent them somewhere else or no where, so he saved his money. What? The delegates were selected at their state convention after the election? And, he had no workers left in that state to work on getting delegates. It doesn’t matter, he had thousands at a stadium, so he should win and those nasty state parties connived with Ted Cruz and cheated him out of his delegates. Trump says, “IT IS NOT FAIR, I TELL YOU, IT IS NOT FAIR! I don’t need to know the rules, IT IS NOT FAIR IF I DON’T WIN!” He makes me sick every time I hear him.

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