Trump on election claims: 'My mind will not change in six months'

Source: The Hill | November 29, 2020 | Brett Samuels

President Trump on Sunday indicated that nothing will dissuade him from his belief that he won November’s election, even as his lawsuits fall flat and he fails to produce evidence of widespread fraud in the contest President-elect Joe Biden won.

“It’s not like you’re going to change my mind. In other words, my mind will not change in six months. There was tremendous cheating here,” Trump told Maria Bartiromo on “Sunday Morning Futures” in his first television interview since Election Day.

Trump spent most of the 45-minute phone call with Bartiromo levying unproven and baseless allegations that letter carriers, Dominion Voting Systems, Republican officials and mail-in ballots were all to blame for his defeat to Biden nearly a month ago.

The president also questioned the court system, which has thus far rejected his legal team’s attempts to overturn the election, citing a lack of evidence, and he blasted the FBI for failing to more aggressively look into his unfounded claims.

Trump showed no indication he was prepared to concede, signaling he was hopeful his case would go to the Supreme Court days after a judge in Pennsylvania dismissed one challenge for lack of standing. 

“I’m going to use 125 percent of my energy to do it,” Trump said when asked how he planned to prove his claims. “You need a judge that’s willing to hear a case. You need a Supreme Court that’s willing to make a real big decision.”

Trump also expressed disbelief that the courts had rejected the claims of a sitting president.

“What kind of a court system is this?” Trump asked at one point, explaining that he would like to file “one nice, big, beautiful lawsuit talking about this and many other things with tremendous proof.”

The Trump legal team has filed lawsuits in Michigan, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Arizona and Wisconsin. Many of those challenges have been tossed out for lack of standing or do not apply to enough votes to change the outcome of the election. The president and his team have repeatedly claimed outside the courtroom that poll watchers were not allowed to observe or that Democratic officials tampered with ballots. But in the courtroom, under penalty of perjury, they have failed to produce evidence of fraud.

Bartiromo did not push back on Trump’s claims during Sunday’s interview, instead asking why there wasn’t more outrage about what the president was asserting. 


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    The courts were willing to hear Donnie’s cases, but he had no proof to back up his claims.

    He thinks he will get a fair hearing from SCOTUS. Well, I think unless the justices live in a cave, they already know that Donnie has not presented any evidence to back up his claims. And SCOTUS likely won’t want to see/hear his evidence if his lawyers try to present it to them because they will want to know why it wasn’t presented in the lower courts. The justices are more interested in law and whether the law was applied properly in the original case and in the appeals. They aren’t going to want to go through computer printouts, affidavits and whatever else Trump’s legal team might present.

    But I still think they really don’t have any hard evidence to back up their claims anyway. I said this before: if SCOTUS was smart, they would just affirm the lower court opinion and refuse to hear oral argument.

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    Trump has to keep his fans believing in his accusations and conspiracy theories in order to keep the donations coming in. He is fundraising off the whole conspiracy lie, allegedly to raise money to pursue “justice” in this supposed “election rigging scheme.” But I suspect the money raised will go to his defense when criminal actions against him are activated.

    Or maybe the donations will finance his escape to some foreign country without an extradition treaty with the US.

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