Trump or Cruz: Who Is the Real Anti-Establishment Candidate Here?

Source: Conservative Review | 3.24.16 | D C McAllister

Now that Jeb Bush has endorsed Ted Cruz for president, along with Mitt Romney and Lindsey GrahamDonald Trump supporters are smelling blood and going for the kill.

In a tweet responding to Bush’s endorsement, Lou Dobbs of Fox News sums up the sentiments of many Trump supporters: “Cruz Officially Establishment.”

Hold on there, cowboy. Not so fast. While it’s true Cruz has picked up some endorsements after Marco Rubio dropped out of the race, this doesn’t mean Cruz is now an official part of the Washington Establishment. Remember, it was Trump who attacked Cruz for not having a single fellow senator endorse him because he’s “nasty” and “everybody hates him.” So, which is it? Should he have their endorsements or not?

Obviously, now that Rubio is out, the Establishment doesn’t have much of a choice. If Cruz had been so worthy of insider credentials, he would have been backed long before now. He hasn’t been because he is decidedly anti-establishment. That hasn’t changed.

Trump also gave the Democratic Congressional Committee $50,000, while he spent only a thousand bucks to get Republicans elected.

Many insiders are still not endorsing Cruz—instead they’re demanding that he come to Washington and grovel before Mitch McConnell, apologizing for calling him a liar on the Senate floor. Cruz has refused to do the mea culpa. While anyone—Establishment or not—is free to endorse him, it’s Cruz’s actions that determine where he stands as far as Washington politics goes, not who endorses him. And when it comes to his actions—he’s definitely against the status quo.

Trump on the other hand. Well, there’s the rub. While Cruz defied McConnell and called out his political shenanigans, who was it that was donating to McConnell’s campaign? That’s right—Donald Trump. In the spring of 2013, McConnell made a little trip to Trump’s pad in New York and came away with a campaign donation of $5,200. So who’s the real anti-establishment candidate here? The one who faced down McConnell on the Senate floor or the guy who helped him get elected?

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  • slhancock1948 #3124

    This is a no-brainer for us, of course, but of course, with Cruz picking up some establishment support it is assumed that it means he’s the establishment guy. It just shows, really, that NOT ALL establishment guys are willing to BOW THE KNEE to Trump. PERIOD! Good for them. At least you can say that some still have a conscience left, that they are not all brain dead!

    Pray for righteousness to be restored and for the peace of Jerusalem

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