trump paid a Breitbart editor for consulting work

Source: Buzzfeed | April 19, 2016 | Rosie Gary

 Donald trump’s campaign paid Breitbart News national security advisor Sebastian Gorka  $8000 for “policy consulting” last year, according to Federal Election Commission filings.

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  • mostlyhomebound #4797

    I hope I did this right. My apologies if I didn’t. This story doesn’t seem to be getting all that much play, but to me, it seems huge. stump is bribing the media to give him good coverage

    mostlyhomebound #4798

    This is my first post of an article. I hope I did it right. My apologies for any errors, duplications, etc. I haven’t seen this story get much play in the media. I wonder what other media stump has bribed.

    ConservativeGranny #4832

    I have a feeling there was a lot of this type of stuff going on with the Trump campaign. Donald seems to be the type of guy that thinks his money can buy anything and anyone. He is Webster’s definition of a cynic.

    mostlyhomebound #4846

    stump thinks this is the way the game is played. But I cannot ever a presidential candidate buying a news organ before.

    rgintn #5028

    I wouldn’t be surprised if trump is paying people to troll Conservative sites like FR and Breitbart. I noticed after trump declared and when he started attacking Cruz an increase in trumpkin trolling not even bothering to advance Conservative principles but advancing trump worship

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