Trump Plagiarizes McCain’s Immigration Talking Points, Yet Sessions Endorses

Source: Conservative Review | February 29, 2016 | Daniel Horowitz

There has been a debate raging for years within the Republican Party over American sovereignty.  On one side is Sen. Jeff Sessions who believes, as our Founders did, that the American worker and taxpayer should be the sole focus of lawmakers.  On the other side are John McCain and Lindsey Graham who have been peddling this mindless platitude for a decade that illegals are needed to “do the jobs Americans won’t do.”

Here is Senator McCain back in 2004 stating his view.

We are on the cusp of witnessing one of the most counterintuitive political outcomes in American history.  Many of the voters who agree with Senator Sessions in principle are supporting a man who has not only sided with the McCain faction for years, but is echoing McCain’s worst talking point even while scamming the voters during the election.  Indeed, just yesterday, Sessions himself endorsed Trump! 

When taken to task for hiring illegal aliens and petitioning for H-2B foreign workers, Donald Trump came full circle to John McCain’s position, asserting that there are no Americans who want to do these jobs. 

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The problem with Trump’s contention is that 300 Americans applied for jobs at his Mar-a-Logo club in Florida, yet only 3.4 percent of those selected for jobs were Americans.  The Donald has been petitioning for foreign workers for years, with the most recent request made in July 2015, after announcing his run for president.  Donald Trump had also bragged about illegal aliens, not just foreign workers, being responsible for his beautiful golf courses.


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    ConservativeGranny #1822

    I think that Palin and Sessions have been feeding Donald Conservative talking points for quite awhile now. Donald eats them up and spits them out but has no idea what they actually mean. All he knows is that a Conservative told him that is what Conservatives want to hear. He has no intention of actually keeping any of those promises.

    Trumpsters heads are going to spin like tops as he changes directions like a weather vane in an tornado.

    It would be funny except the rest of us are going to have to suffer with the idiots. The similarities to Obama are jaw dropping yet the Trumpbots can’t see it. It’s a mental disorder.

    I also agree that many of these endorsements are from has-been politicians that want to remain relevant or are hoping for some crumbs thrown at them from the Trump Presidential table.

    It’s eye opening isn’t it just how little integrity these people have.

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