Trump Pledges Lawfare over Cruz Ads

Source: Conservative Review | February 15, 2016 | Chris Pandolfo

In a surprise press conference Monday afternoon, billionaire businessman Donald Trump threatened to sue Ted Cruz over “lying” negative advertising. In addition to calling Cruz a liar, Trump called him a “basket-case” and said he was “unstable.”


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  • Consistent #1107



    Consistent #1108

    It’s hard for me to pray that Trump is also a child of God, like us.

    EVERYDAY #1110

    Trump is once again threatening to sue over the eligibility issue.

    So when is he going to actually do it? Does he think his threats will intimidate Ted Cruz?

    Like I said hefore, Trump is the third grade bully in the schoolyard. Is this really what conservatives want — a narcissistic immature bully — in the White House?

    ConservativeGranny #1120

    He is also looking for an excuse to break his pledge with the RNC. There are those (myself included) that suspect this could be the plan to run 3rd party and pave the way for Hilary.

    silver pines #1126

    Trump has finally met his match. He’s found someone he can’t bully into silence or compliance. And he just can’t deal with it.

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