Trump predicts this year will bring the 'greatest election disaster in history'

Source: Politico | July 31, 2020 | Caitlin Oprysko

The president also reversed himself and said he wished the Nov. 3 election would be moved up.

President Donald Trump on Friday continued to deliver warnings of chaos surrounding the use of mail-in ballots in November’s election, predicting that the upcoming general election will be “the greatest election disaster in history.”

“This will be catastrophic for our nation. You’ll see it,” Trump asserted in a meeting at the White House with police groups. “I’m always right about things like this. I guess I must be, or I wouldn’t be sitting here,” he added.

His dire prediction came just a day after he floated delaying the election over unsubstantiated concerns of widespread voter fraud amid the coronavirus pandemic — a move he is not constitutionally empowered to take and that was roundly rejected by members of Congress.

“Everyone knows mail-in ballots are a disaster,” Trump claimed. He reiterated his view that it’s imperative to find out who won the election on election night, as some election experts have indeed warned that a drastic surge in mail-in ballots might mean a close race isn’t called on the evening of Nov. 3.

Trump pointed to some House primary races in New York City last month that saw an influx of mail-in votes and have yet to be officially decided, and suggested without evidence that the final results may not be accurate.

“New York City has a little election,” he said, claiming that “they’re never going to have the results of that election. Never the correct result. They’ll probably announce something at some point, but when did that take place? Five, six weeks ago?”


But even as he insisted later Thursday he did not want to see the date of the election changed, on Friday Trump kept up his assertion that mail-in voting is ripe for fraud. He also appeared to contradict his initial stated desire to delay the election until it’s safer to do so, and called for the date of the election to be moved up.

“Nobody wants that date more than me,” he said of Nov. 3, dismissing claims that his desire to postpone the election stemmed from his poor standing in the polls. “I wish we would move it up. Move it up.”


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    Oh shut up, little boy. The election date isn’t moving. If this election is a disaster for you, it will be your fault.

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    What I fear is that this numb nuts president will succeed in getting mail-in voting eliminated altogether. Doing so would deprive the elderly, the sick and the disabled of their right to vote. If there really is a problem with fraud (and its doubtful fraud is as widespread as Donnie claims), then come up with safeguards to prevent it. Fix the system; don’t eliminate it altogether.

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