Trump Says Education and Healthcare One of Top 3 Roles of Government

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  • ConservativeGranny #3406

    In tonight’s TownHall. Trump says top three responsibilities of government is security, education and healthcare. Then contradicts himself after questioning from Anderson Cooper. He made absolutely no sense.

    EVERYDAY #3409

    Unfortunately, I missed most of Ted’s segment, but from what I heard, he sounded presidential. Donnie, on the other hand, talked about himself. On the question about Lewandowski’s address today, Donnie had to throw in a jab at Cruz that had nothing to do with the topic. And he sounds more and more like Obama. I, I, I, I, me, me, me. I really believe he’s deranged.

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    ConservativeGranny #3416

    The donate button gotcha was good one. I don’t think I ever have heard presidential candidate give the “whatever” answer before.

    Obviously Trump has never visited his own website and that explains why he doesn’t seem to know what his policies are from day to day.

    slhancock1948 #3418

    I worked, so I didn’t get home in time to see Cruz, so I didn’t bother to live-stream DT. However, reading the after remarks, it is apparent that DT does”t know crap about the Constitution, and would likely rule pretty much like the present occupant. The Constitution doesn’t provide that we provide housing, medical care or education. We are to provide for a national defense to keep us secure. I think we’ve over-stepped that role, yes, but we have no business being in the business of providing everything else for the populace.

    Pray for righteousness to be restored and for the peace of Jerusalem

    kleindropper #3420

    Wow that is a massive failure of an answer for a supposed Republican.

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