Trump says Vance ‘kissing my a–,’ compares reversal to Kim Jong Un

Source: The Hill | September 18, 2022 | Brad Dress

Former President Trump on Saturday said Ohio Senate candidate J.D. Vance is “in love” with him and “kissing my ass” for support, comparing the GOP candidate’s change of heart toward him to North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

During a Saturday night rally for Vance in Youngstown, Ohio, Trump refuted a New York Times story that suggested some candidates — including Vance — were not inviting him to rallies over concerns about alienating swing voters.

“JD is kissing my ass, he wants my support,” Trump said, railing against the “fake” news story. “The entire MAGA movement is for J.D. Vance.”

The former president went on to call Vance a “great person who I’ve really gotten to know,” disputing any lingering friction between the two Republicans. Vance was a vocal critic of Trump before he ran for office.

“Yeah, he said some bad things about me, but that was before he knew me and then he fell in love,” Trump said on Saturday. “Remember I said that about Kim Jong Un? He fell in love, and they said, ‘Oh, Trump is saying he fell in love.’ Actually he did, if you want to know the truth.”

Trump has often said he and North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un “fell in love” after exchanging a series of “beautiful letters” amid tensions between the U.S. and the pariah state.


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    Vance wasn’t always a fan till he thought he needed Trump’s support to win. I have heard though that in some polls Vance is trailing his Democrat opponent, so that support he groveled for may not work out.

    And Kim loving Trump? No. Kim saw a loser he could manipulate with flattery.

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