Trump shares video of white couple pointing guns at protesters in St. Louis

Source: The Hill | June 29, 2020 | Justin Wise

President Trump on Monday shared a video on Twitter of a white couple pointing firearms at a group of protesters in St. Louis who were marching to the mayor’s residence to demand her resignation.

The 30-second clip, which was posted on Twitter by ABC News, showed a man and woman holding weapons as a number of demonstrators walked by about 20 yards away. The couple was standing outside their home in the upscale Central West End neighborhood of St. Louis, according to The Guardian.

The footage shows an unidentified man yelling and pointing a rifle at the protesters, many of whom were recording the scene on their cellphones. A chant of “let’s go” could be heard in the background as a number of protesters walked past the couple’s home. 

The incident in St. Louis came amid continued unrest across the U.S. as protests over racial injustice and police brutality have swept the nation following the May 25 police killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis.

Trump shared the video just one day after he faced backlash for retweeting a clip in which a supporter shouted “white power” amid confrontations between anti-Trump protesters and pro-Trump demonstrators. In the tweet, which Trump later deleted, the president praised the “great people” voicing support for him.


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  •  EVERYDAY #40633

    I was just telling a friend this morning I think Trump is trying to deliberately lose in November. Why else would he be giving so much ammunition to his opponent? Of course, if I believe Trump is trying to lose, then the question is why would he do that? I know he loves to create drama; it’s entertaining to his fans. Maybe he’s planning on not leaving the White House in January if he loses. A loss will stir up his fans and maybe he’s anticipating taking over as dictator with their backing.

    Ok, probably I’m being silly. But with Trump, nothing surprises me. And he does love dictators.

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