Trump Should Know Playing by the Rules isn’t Stealing

Source: Conservative Review | April 6, 2016 | Robert Eno


The statement clearly states the opinion that “party bosses” are trying to “steal the nomination” from Mr. Trump. But here’s the deal, you can’t have something stolen from you, if it isn’t yours. If Donald Trump fails to get to 1237 delegates, nothing will have been stolen from him. He just plain didn’t earn it.

The rules of the nominating process to be the general election candidate of the Republican Party for the presidency were set before the process began. At least in regards to delegate allocation, selection, and binding. The Call of the Convention was finalized on November 30, 2015. The call outlined the rules of the primary and caucus season, went through exact delegate allocation, and outlined general guidelines on how each state can select and bind delegates. This was available two months in advance of the first primary.

There are 56 different state, territorial, or federal district Republican Parties. Each one had their own rules for selecting delegates. Besides the carve-out for the first four states, it was known that no state could hold a winner-take-all contest. The only other major rule that constrained state parties said that if a state binds delegates, the three state members of the RNC must also be bound. Other than that, each state was free to choose how it would bind, or not bind delegates, and how the delegates were selected. Every candidate knew those rules beforehand.

Because of the large field of candidates at the beginning of the process, many people have been predicting an open convention from the beginning. Some campaigns have been preparing for that as part of their campaign strategy; the Trump campaign was not. They didn’t even hire someone to be in charge of delegates until after they started losing the delegate selection conventions and caucuses. It is almost too late and as the saying goes, “piss poor planning prevents proper performance.”

Trump Has Benefited from the Rules

While he has decried the rules as being unfair, Trump himself has benefitted from them. He has obtained a greater proportion of delegates than his proportion of votes and up until now the rules have allowed him to do this. 

Votes vs. Delegates Awarded


Votes per Republican Delegates


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