Trump Still Whining About Megan Kelly

Source: Right Scoop | 20 March, 2016 | Soopermexican

This is getting a little creepy. El Trumpo continues to whine about Megyn Kelly even after his idiotic call for a boycott failed:

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  • slhancock1948 #2930

    Poor little Donny! Having another meltdown, I see! Is this guy reliving his terrible 2s & 3s or what? This is presidential? His fans cannot see the narcissism that is DT? Maybe they’ll name a new form of narcissism “DT” after him.

    Please, Cruz! Let’s put this guy out of his misery and ours!

    Pray for righteousness to be restored and for the peace of Jerusalem

    Victoria #2942

    Trump has an obsession about her. He is not going to leave her alone. Someone said if he is president, he might have her as his press spokesman. I thought, yes, he will do that, give her a huge sum of money to do it, and then fire her to get one more jab at her. He is such a maniac, he would do that.

    ConservativeGranny #2943

    I think he has a YUGE crush on her! If you think about his juvenile behavior it fits.

    rodamala #2944

    I wonder whose pigtails he was pulling at the boys’ school he was sent to for his discipline/rage issues?

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