Trump Supporters Walk Out of Georgia Delegate Fight After Party Picks Cruz…..

Source: Breitbart News | April 16, 2016 | Patrick Howley

Trump Supporters Walk Out of Georgia Delegate Fight After Party Picks Cruz Supporter…’Uproar in the Hall’

Donald Trump supporters walked out of a delegate election in Georgia Saturday to protest a vote that robbed Trump of all of his slated delegates from a district that he won in the primary.

A Cruz-Rubio alliance at the district convention in Buford, Georgia helped to knock Trump supporters out of the district’s national delegation altogether. Cruz supporters implied that Trump’s people would “embarrass” the district at the convention in Cleveland. Then things got heated.

“This morning, I attended Georgia 7th Congressional District GOP convention as a delegate and a Donald Trump supporter. We were there to elect the 3 delegates and 3 alternates to the national convention,” Ronnie Kurtz told Breitbart News. “Per the primary results, two slots were for Trump, and one was for Rubio. Sen. Ted Cruz finished third in the primary and had no delegates allotted to him…Nonetheless, the hall was stacked with Cruz delegates.”


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  • Consistent #4592

    Victoria #4604

    Delegates have always been selected by the amount of work they have done in the party. They are election judges/clerks, county chairmen, party secretary, candidates, Republican county officer holders, and other workers. Someone who just voted on election day is not going to be picked as a delegate and they shouldn’t.

    Now these people are older, they are thinkers or they wouldn’t be where they are. They are going to consider who is best for their county, their state, and their country. Which candidate best represents their values?

    I do not think Trump or his people understand that delegates are chosen according to their contribution to the party. I do not think he has a clue as to who these people, as a group, are. So, he cries because “it” isn’t fair, they are not anointing him King. No, they aren’t anointing him King, you see they have more sense than he does.

    slhancock1948 #4606

    I signed up to be a delegate but had to work the next meeting so I didn’t get the invite further. Maybe our area has not voted yet.

    Pray for righteousness to be restored and for the peace of Jerusalem

    rgintn #4607

    I’ve posted at FR months ago that Cruz has the best ground game organization. I posted that trump holding rallies was not enough to win. Of course trumpkins were critical of that but it is obvious that holding rallies is not enough.

    Early on Cruz was building organization within each state. I read on FR local Republicans endorsing Cruz being put on his state leadership team. I didn’t see trump doing the same.

    ConstitutionalConservative #4612

    Bottom-line is despite his constant self aggrandizement and proclamations Trump really is NOT VERY SMART!

    EVERYDAY #4615

    Bottom-line is despite his constant self aggrandizement and proclamations Trump really is NOT VERY SMART!

    I’m starting to believe those who say Little Donnie is looking for a way out and maybe this is it. He is deliberately messing up the delegate selection process to ensure he won’t get too many. Then he can make Ted Cruz, the hierarchy in charge of the selection process and anyone else he can find the scapegoats for his failure. Then he and his minions can tell the world that the “unfair system” beat Trump and he can exit the campaign without harming his own reputation in the minds of his cult followers.

    One display of incompetence in Colorado I can see. But how many of these delegate selections has he lost now? No way all of these are accidents.

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