Trump taps Amy Coney Barrett for Supreme Court, setting up confirmation sprint

Source: The Hill | September 26, 2020 | Brett Samuels and John Kruzel

President Trump on Saturday officially nominated Judge Amy Coney Barrett to fill the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s seat on the Supreme Court, revealing his choice at a Rose Garden ceremony and kicking off a sprint to get the conservative judge confirmed before Election Day.

It was widely reported on Friday night that Barrett was Trump’s choice for the vacancy, taking some of the drama out of the president’s formal announcement. Now the focus shifts to a looming confirmation fight that is expected to conclude with Barrett becoming the youngest member of a 6-3 conservative-majority court.

Barrett, 48, a Trump-appointed federal appeals court judge and former professor at Notre Dame Law School, her alma mater, was seen by anti-abortion activists and White House allies as a trusted choice to tilt the court right and energize Trump’s conservative Christian supporters.

She was viewed as an immediate favorite to replace Ginsburg, having already gone through the vetting process in 2018 when Trump ultimately nominated Brett Kavanaugh to replace former Justice Anthony Kennedy. Trump previously told allies that he was “saving” Barrett as a nominee to replace Ginsburg, Axios reported in 2019.

Administration officials and outside conservative groups felt a sense of familiarity with Barrett and her views and believed she’d be a reliably conservative vote on the court, according to sources familiar with the selection process, making her the preferred pick among many White House allies.


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    The pro-abortion crowd is having a fit. I’m going to be more interested in where she stands when Trump’s election protest litigation reaches SCOTUS. The Dems are already pushing her to recuse.

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