Trump, the Demolisher of the Republican Party

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  • slhancock1948 #5374

    It is more evident to me every day that Trump’s goal is to destroy the republican party. He claims he is able to bring democrats over, but even though it appears that many have voted for him, we need to answer why that is. He acts like a democrat, and for those who are not really Hillary fans and see Sanders as too old and too socialist, Trump is a better deal. He has continued to act like a democrat and he is not afraid to publicly state those positions. He knows that his base will not leave him and even if they see the obvious from the first day in office, they’ll excuse him for some time. After that, they’ll go through a period of denial, then remorse. Then anger, but it will be too late. They’ll blame the republican party for his presidency when it was them who stood in line for him and called into radio programs to say that they were conservative Christians and that they felt Trump was the only “savior” for America.

    I used to listen to the talk programs on my way to and from work (1 hour each way), but I have turned them off and listen to Biblical teaching CDs. I cannot bear to hear one more Christian say that Trump is a better Christian than Ted Cruz or that they like Cruz, but Trump is the only electable candidate. Where is their trust in God?”

    Even without listening, in my heart of hearts I know that Trump is not in this for America’s good, but to make one political party. After this, unless Cruz wins, there will be no more republican party. I’ve been saying for years that we should’ve started a 3rd party so that by now we’d have a viable one, but everybody wanted to save it…from within. You cannot save something that is corrupt through and through.

    America will no longer have a choice in parties after a Trump win. We will be a one party state. That is going to suck.

    Pray for righteousness to be restored and for the peace of Jerusalem

    ConservativeGranny #5378

    I haven’t been a member of a political party now for quite awhile now so I’m used to it LOL! I do agree that one of Trump’s goals is to destroy what is left of the GOP. Maybe to reform it into his own idea of an Independent Party. Who knows for sure but I do believe that anyone who claims to be a Conservative and supports Trump is not being honest. Conservatives don’t vote for a big-government populist just because he is a Republican and they think he can win.

    Conservatism and Populism just don’t go together. Except maybe in their minds. And yes, Republicans and Conservatives will get blamed for Trump. However the Repubs deserve the blame and true Conservatives do not.

    kleindropper #5381

    Trump has really opened my eyes about some of my fellow “conservatives”. Many of them don’t care a lick about the country, values, or the Constitution; it turns out they are just anarchists.

    That’s why so many Trump people are having a hard time choosing between Trump and Sanders. There is not ideology behind it, only anarchy and hatred.

    mostlyhomebound #5384

    I’m both a Republican and a conservative. Do I get blame or not?

    slhancock1948 #5386

    Mostlyhomebound…there was a time when republican meant conservative, and vice versa, but that has changed. Last time I looked, we were the base of the party, but that has changed. In Scripture, it says that in the end times that people’s hearts will grow cold, that they will not tolerate the Truth any longer and they will come under strong delusion, to believe the LIE.

    The lie is that man is sufficient and we don’t need God. That is Donald Trump’s mantra, why he is not a believer and why he cannot even talk about God. He is an antichrist type. Type, and not the THE one. But Obama was one, as well. God gives us these men to show us what is coming, to compare the one who IS coming to Antiochus Epiphanies and to see how they measure up. THE antichrist is still to come, and it will be shortly, I fear, but if we can get Ted Cruz elected, I think we buy some time for America.

    I have not given up hope. I was listening to Jacob Prasch on youtube last night. He sau=id he still feels that if America chooses right, we will have a short stay of judgment, but it will come eventually…like the stays God allowed the Israelites when hey had a good king. Judgment came eventually, when a bad king arose after a good one.

    Anyway, no, you are not to blame. People who were conservative have changed and are being deluded by the Pied Piper. They are lemmings who would ofllow DT off the cliff….but let’s continue to fast and pray that Cruz wins.

    Pray for righteousness to be restored and for the peace of Jerusalem

    Victoria #5394

    To all of you, here is what I just heard and why Trump will have an easy time destroying the country, taking us farther away from God. Trump made his foreign policy speech yesterday. Those not under his spell said it was incoherent, disjointed, no specifics, like the rest of his speeches.

    Well, I just heard John Bolton, our ex-UN ambassador. It was unbelievable, I sat there watching Bolton, our tough Bolton, kiss Trump’s feet. He thought Trump’s speech was great. I am positive Trump has told him he will be appointed back to UN ambassador. So many people have given their soul to this fake for their self aggrandizement.

    I saw a close up view of his hair from the back just now and his hair tells us all we need to know about his goals all his life. He is centered on how he looks and his personal pleasures. Remember, I told you about his having a plastic surgeon cut his scalp and removing the part that had no hair, then pulling the two pieces together that had hair. Now, he has grown long hair from the back that is pulled forward over the bald part to give the illusion he has hair all over his head.

    He is a fake down to his hair. He is an illusion outside and inside. His power is his money. He is an Antichrist type or THE Antichrist. Look at how he has mesmerized the people. They has fallen for this illusion. Real Christians can see this, others cannot. This is tragic but the Bible says this will happen, the people will be in a trance and believe the fake.

    ConservativeGranny #5456

    It reminds me of one of the earliest “Left Behind” books when the anti-Christ, Nicolae Carpathia was first mesmerizing people with his speeches.

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