Trump to Nevada delegates: I'll pay your travel, hotel costs

Source: Washington Examiner | April 17, 2016 | David M. Drucker

Donald Trump’s campaign is going all out to win delegates in Nevada, offering to cover transportation and lodging costs for Nevada supporters who travel to Reno in mid May to participate in delegate elections.

Trump’s Nevada activities contradict his claim that he has deliberately declined to invest resources in the election of delegates to the Republican nominating convention in Cleveland because the process is “corrupt.”

“With overwhelming success throughout each county, we’re in a strong position going into the state convention being held in Reno on May 14th and 15th,” Charles Munoz, Trump’s Nevada state director, wrote in an email to the billionaire’s grassroots supporters. “We’ll also be announcing training’s, lodging and transportation opportunities for delegates within the next couple days.”


Trump explains his campaign’s delegate failures by saying that the process was “rigged” against him. The New Yorker said he understood the rules, but chose not to shower money on prospective delegates to win their support.

But his offer to pay for his Nevada supporters’ travel to the May 14-15 state GOP convention in Reno undercuts that claim.


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    Hmm, I don’t know the rule on paying delegates travel and hotel expense. I don’t know if it is allowed. I was a state delegate numerous times, and never were any delegate’s expenses paid by a candidate, but I don’t know if it is banned. I do know the law regarding paying voters to vote for you – it is against the law, you can’t do it – it’s a fine and jail time. What Democrats would do in our county, was, behind the legal distance from a poling place, they set up tables with barbecue and beer. You could only get the barbecue and beer AFTER you voted.

    However, look at how Trump wants to get delegates – pay them. He has always paid political office holders (usually Democrats) to get his way so that is how he thinks. Contrast that with the way Cruz is getting delegates – by talking to them and explaining how he will govern. I guarantee you, Trump will govern with money, pay off people to get what he wants – however, since he is president, it means he will spend OUR money instead of his from now on.

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