Trump to sign executive order promoting artificial intelligence

Source: The Hill | February 11, 2019 | Emily Birnbaum

President Trump on Monday will sign an executive order dedicating resources to boost U.S. artificial intelligence (AI), a move that comes as the Trump administration seeks a leg up in its technological race with China.

The executive order, titled Accelerating America’s Leadership in Artificial Intelligence, will direct federal agencies to dedicate money and manpower towards researching and developing artificial intelligence (AI) while making government data available to the technology’s developers. 

Artificial intelligence is defined as software that allows computers to emulate human intelligence. 

“This initiative will devote the full resources of the federal government to develop AI,” a senior administration official told reporters on Sunday evening.

The order directs federal agencies to prioritize funding AI initiatives and open up their troves of data to AI experts, a move that privacy advocates are certain to push back against. 

Two of the executive order’s five pillars focus on the most prominent ethical concerns surrounding artificial intelligence – the displacement of human workers and the lack of an official set of standards regulating the development of these sensitive technologies.

One of the order’s pillars directs the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) to develop a set of national standards for creating “reliable, robust, trustworthy, secure, portable, and interoperable AI systems.” It also asks federal agencies to establish their own guidelines for cultivating AI. 


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