Trump tweets conservative commentator's criticism of FBI director

Source: The Hill | May 13, 2019 | Chris Mills Rodrigo

President Trump tweeted a lengthy quote Sunday night from a conservative commentator criticizing FBI Director Christopher Wray.

“‘Just another abuse of power in a long series of abuses of power by the Democrats that began during the Obama Administration, continued through the Mueller FBI operation, & now the baton has been passed to Jerry Nadler to continue to abuse power to harass President Trump and the Democrat National Committee,'” Trump tweeted, quoting Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton.

“‘The Democrat Party apparatus-has been caught using donor Dollars to Collude with Russian Intelligence to attack a domestic political opponent (me). The FBI has no leadership. The Director is protecting the same gang…..that tried to……..overthrow the President through an illegal coup.’”


The president calls the surveillance “spying.”

Attorney General William Barr also called the lawful investigations “spying” during a hearing last month.

Wray, however, said last week that he wouldn’t use the term “spying” to describe the FBI’s monitoring of some Trump campaign members.


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