Trump waffles on whether Clinton is 'qualified' to be president

Source: CNN | April 21, 2016 | Jeremy Diamond

Trump, who in 2012 praised the then-secretary of state as “terrific,” said at a rally here that although Clinton is “crooked” and has “bad judgment” he believes she is “qualified” to be president. But Trump said Thursday he is now changing his tune after Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders argued earlier this month that Clinton is not qualified, though he later backed off those remarks.
“I don’t know, I think she’s qualified, I guess,” Trump said before adding that “that doesn’t mean she’s good.”
He then said, “Bernie Sanders — not me — said she’s not qualified. So now, I’m gonna say she’s not qualified.”

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  • ConservativeGranny #5123

    She’s crooked and has bad judgment but she is qualified?

    “I don’t know”, “I think”, “I guess”. Bernie Sanders said it first. So I’m going to say it too? Gheez. No wonder they need Trumpsters to translate over there on FR.

    ConstitutionalConservative #5161

    Trump is the epitome of contradictions, flip-flops and absurdities he is everything a constitutional conservative should not want. He is far away from every principle conservatives hold dear, if elected we would not be getting rid of the current tyrant in the WH we would be getting obama 2.0 super-sized with the same agenda but different methods to insure the destruction of our Republic.

    Weep not: behold, the Lion:

    Lion Ted Cruz is our only hope, not just a slogan it really is Cruz or Lose. Pray for the restoration of our Constitutional Republic.

    CA Surveyor #5164

    The spineless giant!

    What a decisive leader he would be.

    Yehova help us!

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